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Product Description: SP Gonadotropin 5000 IU SP Laboratories

SP Gonadotropin 5000 IU by SP Laboratories is a high-quality synthetic hormone that mimics the effects of the naturally occurring luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. This powerful steroid is primarily used by bodybuilders and athletes to stimulate the production of testosterone and enhance muscle growth and performance.

Specific Details and Characteristics:

  • Brand: SP Laboratories
  • Product: SP Gonadotropin 5000 IU
  • Hormone: Synthetic luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Strength: 5000 IU per vial
  • Form: Injectable solution


  • Promotes natural testosterone production
  • Enhances muscle growth and strength
  • Improves athletic performance and endurance
  • Accelerates post-cycle recovery
  • Prevents testicular atrophy

Possible Side Effects:

  • Temporary increase in estrogen levels
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia (development of breast tissue in males)
  • Acne
  • Increased aggression

Use, Course of Administration, and Dosage:

SP Gonadotropin 5000 IU is typically used during and after anabolic steroid cycles to restore natural testosterone production. The recommended dosage for beginners is 500-1000 IU per week, while advanced bodybuilders may require higher doses of 1000-2000 IU per week. The course of administration usually lasts for 4-6 weeks, depending on individual needs and goals.

Indications and Contraindications:

SP Gonadotropin 5000 IU is indicated for individuals who have suppressed testosterone levels due to anabolic steroid use. It is not recommended for individuals with hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or those with existing medical conditions such as prostate cancer, liver or kidney disease, and heart problems. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advised before starting any steroid regimen.

Value and Why Buy from pills-steroids.com:

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